Day & Night Blinds

A highly effective and attractive solution for privacy and light control. Similar in operation to a roller blind but made of 2 layers and a opaque/transparent combination striped fabric. When operated the 2 layers pass each other creating a transparent striped effect and a completely opaque effect in unison.

The blind can also be fully withdrawn the same as a roller blind allowing the window to be completely clear.

We offer 2 price points on Day and Night Blinds.

Zebra: These are are entry level version. They come with full white headrails and in 2 fabric designs. Available in a range of core colours. These are by far our most popular range.

Vision: These are a premium version and the original Day & Night Blind. Choice of 5 headrail and bottom rail colours, 10 designs of fabric in multiple fashion shades and can also be made as PERFECT FIT and MOTORISED.